How to

How to Take your Herbs

It is best to take your herbs away from food and other supplements so that the herbs can be more easily absorbed into your bloodstream. You can eat about 15 minutes after you take your herbs.

If you are taking bitters, it is essential that you take your bitter herbs about 15 minutes before you eat. If you have forgotten, go ahead and take when you remember, even right after a meal.

How to make an herbal infusion – medicinal strength tea

The longer you steep your tea, the more nutritive value you will get out of it.
These instructions are for nutritive teas like nettle, red clover, dandelion, alfalfa, oats.

Use a covered glass container – a quart mason jar or a covered teapot. If you use an uncovered container, the steam will let the essential oils escape.
Put 1-2 handfuls of dry herb into jar
Pour a quart of water into container
Steep a minimum of 6 hours, maximum of 10 hours
Strain tea and compost herbs

You can either drink the tea at room temperature, or, re-heat. Don not microwave or boil your tea…

Store your tea in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. No longer than that.