Drink Elderberry Tea to strengthen your Immune System

Elderberry Tea – to keep you well
Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is an enchanting berry tea that strengthens your cell walls to resist invasion of bacteria and viruses; it is an immune system stimulant. Elderberry also comes to the rescue when you get sick, easing aches and pains, coughing, nasal congestion, and fever.  This is a great remedy if you have been around a bunch of sick people, or if you feel like you are on the edge of […]

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Nourish yourself with Bone Broth Chicken Soup

Bone Broth Chicken Soup
Bone Broth is a great way to build your strength and immune system to stay well while colds and the flu are about.
This is adapted from Weston A Price Foundation Recipe
Making bone broth alone is a ritual – I gather, mix, tend and build my soup over many days – typically 3.  I like how it grounds me, tending to this nourishing broth. You can buy these herbs from MountainRoseherbs.com, or shop […]

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Anticancer Power of Supermarket Mushrooms

Anticancer Power of Supermarket Mushrooms – Eat your mushrooms for immune health

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Herbs for Cancer

Herbs & Cancer Treatment
Intro excerpted from Herbal Medicine, Healing & Cancer by Donald R. Yance Jr.
There are many ways natural forms of healing can prevent or treat cancer

Proper Diet
Other health enhancing modalities

All can be used with or without conventional therapies in the healing process
These non-toxic therapies can also inhibit cancer recurrence as well as second line cancers caused by chemotherapy.
See Body, Spirit, Humanity and Nature as being one entity, not separate. When they are brought […]

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Herbs for Allergies

As a Western Clinical Herbalist, to work with allergies, I look at the environmental factors, diet and improve the body’s defenses with herbs.  You can help yourself get through allergy season with fewer traumas with herbs and some simple changes to your lifestyle.
One in five Americans suffer from allergies or asthma symptoms.  Many don’t seek help because the symptoms aren’t serious enough; however, many people with allergies find that allergies seriously impact their quality of […]

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Flu Tea

Equal parts Sage, Peppermint Yarrow, Ginger to taste (don’t be shy) and a sprig of thyme. Make a pot of this up at a time and drink every few hours. Raw Honey is also great to add as it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and is a great antioxidant.
This tea has a mixture of herbs to assist with sweating, relieving muscle spasms, clearing mucus, microbes and increasing circulation. All these actions helps your body feel better […]

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