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You can work with Blythe Adams, Western Clinical Herbalist, in Oakland, CA.  You will receive a comprehensive holistic health intake to address the root of your imbalances in order to return to balance and vitality.  Upon receiving your assessment  Blythe will create a personalized herbal formula and wellness plan that may include a number of herbal remedies, plant extracts, and other alternative medicines.

Our grandmother’s knew of this practice and that knowledge is being reclaimed.  As an herbalist, Blythe Adams will work in partnership with you to assist in restoring your health and vitality with the use of natural herbal remedies.  Contact Blythe for a herbal health consultation today.



By the third year that my school-age children had been passing on to me every single cold or flu they picked up, my immune system seemed to be cowering in a corner whimpering, no longer able to fend off nasty sinus or other infections that would inevitably follow an already debilitating few days of sickness. I came to Blythe to work on this as well as a chronic tendency towards congestion, possibly caused by being a cystic fibrosis carrier.   With the help of Blythe and the herbs, my immune system is now feeling empowered and the chronic symptoms are under control I’m very happy to say!  Blythe is a truly caring practitioner whose deep connection with the herbal world translates into the best possible care for her client’s health.

– Marie


Blythe Adams has saved me from the perils of menopause – night sweats, mood swings, appetite variations, joint pain & more – with a simple tincture she put together for me to take 3 times a day. Over several months, all my symptoms have disappeared.  I send all my friends to Blythe; she saved my life!

– Barbara


I found Blythe’s business–Community Herbalist– searching on-line one summer night at around 2:00am when I was in absolute crisis. I had just had my first round of chemotherapy for breast cancer 3 days prior and my body was wrecked, especially my entire digestive system (yes, from tongue to tush). She wrote me back with helpful advice that very same morning. Then checked in with me at least 2-3 more times before I ever made a formal appointment with her. Thanks to Blythe, I handled each session thereafter better than the one prior. her. For the following year, month by month, she helped me with every ache, pain, symptom & side effect of the cancer and my western medicine treatment. Since the primary protocol ended, she has also helped me stay healthy and immune strong. I couldn’t have gotten through this as well as I did without her. As far as I’m concerned, she’s a miracle worker.

– Beth


Blythe is awesome! She really takes the time to get to know who you are, and has a really supportive, non-judgmental attitude. Her rates are reasonable, and her herbs are first-rate and fresh. She’s also really great about recommending less-expensive alternatives, if that’s a concern. I really feel that Blythe is in this for the healing, and has a high level of integrity, which I really appreciate.

– T’hud

Contact Blythe by email Blythe@CommunityHerbalist.com or phone 415-505-3115  for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your health goals. 



Visit Blythe’s Botanicals to find herbal therapeutic medicinal creams for a range of issues including radiation therapy burns, rosacea, and new tattoos.


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