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Are you looking for herbal/natural remedies, alternative medicines, plant extracts and nutritional solutions?

People are constantly looking for ways to restore personal health and vitality, especially relevant when the western medical health paths often don’t provide long-term alternative medicine solutions or answers to many of today’s health issues.   Clinical herbal medicine practices utilize the healing powers that herbal extracts, natural remedies, and other alternative medicines provide in order to restore your personal health.

You can work with Blythe Adams, Western Clinical Herbalist, in Oakland, CA.  You will receive a holistic health assessment to address the root of your imbalances, rather than just the symptoms, in order to assist your body returning to balance and vitality.  Upon receiving your assessment  Blythe will create a personalized herbal formula and wellness plan that may include a number of herbal remedies, plant extracts, and other alternative medicines.

For all of time humankind has used herbs and herbal remedies for wellness and healing support.  According to the World Health Organization, some 50%-80% of the world still relies on traditional healing practices.   Clinical herbal healing methods offers a natural herbal alternative to prescription medicines.

Our grandmother’s knew of this practice and that knowledge is being reclaimed.  As an herbalist, Blythe Adams will work in partnership with you to assist in restoring your health and vitality with the use of natural herbal remedies.  Contact Blythe for a herbal health consultation today.


Blythe’s Botanicals will be launching soon and offers all natural and mostly organic creams to support the skin:

  • Radiate Ease Cream – for keeping the skin nourished and cool during radiation treatment.  Radiate Ease testimonials.
  • Redness Relief – to assist with conditions like eczema and roseacea:  Yelp testimonials here, some are hidden/filtered:
  • Tattoo Healing Cream: co-designed by a top Tattoo Artist, this cream assists with new tattoo healing.
  • SoreEase Cream: Clients are mentioning that their herpes breakouts are half as big and take half the time to heal with this cream
  • Loving Lube: Not only a great lube that seems to last forever ( not condom safe), but also a great vaginal skin conditioner.  As we age, our tissues become dry and the herbs in this lube add elasticity and nourish the tissues.
  • Pregnancy Tummy:  Supports the skin through pregnancy.  4 oz size only.
Please phone or email Blythe directly to place an order.  One ounce $20  two ounce, $40 .  9% Tax collected in Alameda County.  Radiate Ease Cooling Cream only available in two ounce size.
Contact Blythe by email or phone for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your health goals: 415-505-3115 ~ Blythe@CommunityHerbalist.com


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